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The organization of library collections is based on the Library of Congress (LC) classification scheme. While the collection at the Medical Campus is organized according to the National Library of Medicine Classification Scheme (NLM). Library collections are specified in the system under Branch and Location codes.

Some collections are encrypted to facilitate the collection of search, detection and reconstruction materials on the shelves. This alphabetical code (lowercase) was recorded as early in the call number. Collection codes are:

a - Arabic Collection
av - Multimedia Collection
jur - Serials Collection
ktg - Terengganu Collection
law - Law Collection
r - Reference Colection
sem - Conference / Seminar Collection
t - Thesis Collection
There are some types of material with a suffix code (alphabet) on the call number. Suffix codes used are:
r - reference (Arabic Collection, Multimedia, Law and Archives)
d/(D) - the material can be borrowed (Law Collection)
a/(A) - acts and legislation (Law Collection)
b/(B) - law reports (Law Collection)
Books and Ebooks
The Perpustakaan Al-Wathiqu Billah Libraries hold over 1 million volumes, including print books and ebooks. Find information on what print and digital books we have in the PWB Libraries catalog. For more information on ebook platforms, see this ebook collections.

Online Databases
Search across large collections of journals, data sets, newspapers, books, images, media, and more to find the information you need. Depending on the database, results may include links to full text articles available online or citation information to help users locate a resource. PWB subscribes onlibe databases; see the full list here.

Periodical publications that are available online. Use this link to find and search inside a specific e-journal. 

Digital Collections
Providing open, online access to research and primary sources. Through Digital Collections, you can access digitized materials from the PWB Libraries Special Collections, the eManuscript Collections, UniSZA repositories; UniSZA Journal, Islamic Content & Resources, e-Bulletin, UniSZATimes Portal, Koleksi A.Samad Said, UniSZA Bulletin & UniSZA News as well as collections created through partnerships with other libraries and repositories around the world.

Digital Commons
Find faculty publications, theses and dissertations, open access resources, and more in this collection.

Archive & Special Collections
Houses rare, fragile, and unique materials, photographs and prints,  KUSZA-UniSZA publications, Terengganu’s collection, thesis printed, history and ecology archives, and history and literature collections. Many of these items can be viewed in person at PWB Gong Badak Campus 2th floor. 

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