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Question: When is the library open?
Answer: Library is open from 9.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m. on Sunday to Wednesday and 9.00 am to 4.30 pm on Thursday

Question: Is the library opened on Saturday?
Answer: The library is open on Saturday from 9.00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.

Question: Is there any dress code etiquette in the library?

Answer: Yes, it is. Library user should follow the university dress code etiquette.

Question: How to become a library member?
Answer: UniSZA staffs and students are eligible to become the library member. For students, they need to come to a library service division to activate their membership right after they went through a literacy programme.  Staffs are welcome to have their membership processed at any time during the library servicing hours.

Question: As a library member, could I use the other academic libraries?

Answer: Yes indeed, library user can visit library of other public universities for reference purposes.  Please bring along your valid student/staff identification card.

Question: How to get a user account?
Answer: You are eligible to have a user account if you are a registered member of a library.

Question: What is the function of user account?
Answer: By having a user account, you can browse details of borrowing, request, fines, reservation and user current status.  You can also renew you borrowed library materials, as long as they are still not overdue.

Question: How can I access my account?

Answer: You can access your account through library website. Please enter your User ID (student / staff number) and password that have been given.

Question: How to access to subscribed databases outside the campus?
Answer: You can access those databases through the library website. Please refer to Off-Campus Access for further details.

Question: What is Off-Campus Access|blue?
Answer: The library provides Off-Campus Access to allow Internet access using online resources outside the campus.

Question: Could I give my User ID and password to another user so that he can access to our databases?

Answer: No, you could not disclose your user ID and password to another person because they may be able to access to your UniSZA e-mail. We are not responsible for any misuse of User ID and password. 

Question: What is Library Catalog?
Answer: Library Catalog provides all details of the library collection, including current status, location and number of copies available to ease users identifying them on the specific shelves.

Question: How to use Library Catalog?
Answer: Please refer to these guide: Books Search User Guide

Question: How to get call number from the Library Catalog?
Answer: You can use WebOPAC (online catalog) or OPAC (within the campus/Intranet). When searching the Library Catalog (WebOPAC or OPAC), make sure to write down the complete call number of the book you want to find on the shelves.

Question: Can the Library Catalogue give some information whether the material is available on shelf or on loan?

Answer: Yes. Details of any material on shelf are available at a particular column, for example Open Access. For any material that is on loan, the column will inform the Due Date.

Question: What are online resources?
Answer: Online resources cover databases, e-book and e-journal subscribed by the library that can be accessed on line.

Question: Why sometimes I could not access to online database?
Answer: There are many possibilities: network system technical problem, databases maintenance by the publisher or exceed limit of concurrent user. Please make a report to any librarian for further action.

Question: What to do if I fail to access to any journal in any database?

Answer: Since not all journals are subscribed by library, users may not be able to get access or download the articles needed. Users are advised to consult the librarian to get the full text through Inter Library Loan service.

Question: How to learn more on library use?
Answer: Library organizes Information Literacy Skills Class in order to teach all users using the library.

Question: What is the objective of Information Literacy Skills Class?
Answer: Information Literacy Skills Class is held to teach the new users on how to make full use of library facilities, services and collections. 

Question: Can I request to join Information Literacy Skills Class?
Answer: Yes, you can. Please consult the librarian in charge of Information Literacy Skills Class.

Question: What are the topics covered?
Answer: The following topics covered in Information Literacy Skills Class:
1. Book searching on shelves
2. The use of online databases, e-journals and e-books
3. Library facilities and services
4. Applications within user account 

5. The use of online resources outside the campus

Question: How many books can be borrowed at one time?
Answer: Total number of borrowing is depending on material as well as user category. Please refer to the borrowing eligibility table. 

Question: How long is the borrowing period allowed?  
Answer: The period of borrowing is subject to material and user category. Please refer to the borrowing eligibility table.  

Question: Is borrowing using the other’s card permissible?
Answer: No. Library user is not allowed to borrow library materials using another user’s card.

Question: Could I borrow the library materials without student/staff card?
Answer: No, you could not.     

Question: Can I ask any enquiry at the Reference Desk?
Answer: Yes, you can.

Question : What questions can be asked at the Reference Desk?

Answer: All questions on the library use can be asked

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