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Library Services by Appointment
We are available to answer questions via the WhatsApp chat service. You can also request an appointment with our library staff (during office hours only).

Gong Badak Campus:
• Borrowing books - Pn. Norhidayah https://wa.link/tnj2hn
• Returning books & Fines - En. Wan Mohd Sairi https://wa.link/tnj2hn
• Library Clearance (due to graduation, exiting the university or ect) - Pn. Noorfadzilah https://wa.link/kd8fwn

Medical Campus:
• Borrowing/Returning books & Fines - Pn. Rosliza https://wa.link/abt3np
• Library Clearance (due to graduation, exiting the university or ect) - Cik Fatin Amirah https://wa.link/0bmkiq

Besut Campus:
• Borrowing books/Fines & Library Clearance (due to graduation, exiting the university or ect) - En. Yusuf Amin https://wa.link/387i47
• Returning books - En. Baharin https://wa.link/ah0dhc

Perpustakaan Hospital Pengajar UniSZA:
Pn. Nurulhuda https://wa.link/shkl25

-->Information Needs – live chat with librarian

The Reader's Advisory Program is to guide readers to the resources they need and to help them identify and retrieve information.

Objective :-

The program is a way to help students familiarize themselves with the layout, regulations, formats of materials that may be borrowed, and types of services offered by the UniSZA Library.

Program Content :-
  1. Introduction to UniSZA Library
  2. Rules & Regulation
  3. Dress Code
  4. Service Hour
  5. Membership
  6. Collections
  7. Services
  8. Library System
  9. Database's Search Guide; online database, e-books, e-journals..etc

Learning Outcomes

Once students complete the Library Information Literature Program they should be able to:-
- Locate resources and services within the library.
- Know where to go for assistance from the library staff.
- Log on to library computers
- Understand the basics of database searching.
  • Library Orientation Program
Library offers a variety of orientation programs for new students, faculty, and staff. The Library Orientation Program offers first year students an introduction to the library resources and services, as well as information on study skills to help make the first year student experience successful.
  • Information Literacy Program
Information Literacy Program is to help students master information skills that will enrich their academic and personal lives and enable them to become independent lifelong learners. The program is conducted in a group of new students by faculty/courses. The library will send a letter to the faculty to set a date for students to attend this program.
  • Information Skills Workshop
The UniSZA Library offers all sorts of courses and workshops in the field of information skills:
- searching for academic literature
- using resources (databases, software, etc.)
- electronically managing and using literature references (EndNote, citation styles, etc.).
Academic staff who wish to pay more attention to information skills in their courses can contact the library via Faculty Liaison Librarian

This service is to help users use library efficiently. The services are:
  • To help users get in formations and materials easily.
  • To show how to use OPAC and reference such as encyclopedia, reference books, index, etc.
  • Prepare bibliography or reading list, information dispersal etc.
  • To answer general questions.
Other services include providing search guidance materials and information, use of facilities and navigation in the library. Users can also make inquiries by phone, e-mail or letter.
Books may be reserved even if they are not available for checkout.

Reserving Procedures
  • Reservation can only be made for the material being borrowed by other users and status circulated as stated in the library system.
  • Books that are needed but already circulated can be reserved through NeuSEAL (Library Catalog).
  • The reserved books which become available can be picked up at the Circulation Counter.
  • If you no longer need a book that is on reserve, please cancel the book reservation as soon as possible.
  • Users can also check the status of reservation through WebInfoline.
  • If the system libraries are having problems, reservations can be made manually at the Circulation Counter.
  • The Library will keep the reserved materials for 7 days after the material has been returned and notice will be issued. After the duration, if the item is not claimed, the items will be returned to the shelves.

All registered users are eligible to borrow library materials from General Collections, Arabic Collection, Laws Collection and Academic Core Collection. Numbers of items that can be borrowed at one time will be governed by the membership category.  Users can also make referrals at the Serials Collection and apart from that, user can use facility provided in the open computer lab (Cyber Gateway). Users need to have a valid membership card (i.e.: student card, staff card) whenever they need to borrow library materials or to use certain library facility.

Late Returned Penalty Charges
Late returned will result in the penalty charges as follows:-

Type of Material
Duration Penalty Charges
Open Access 1 day late RM0.20 per day
Limited Access (Red Spot) 1 day late RM1.00 per day

Non-working days will not be counted in the calculation of total days of late returned.

Users who have reached the maximum fine limit, and do not pay their fines, will not be allowed to make a subsequent borrowing or renewals of library materials.

Maximum Fine Limit
The maximum fine limit according the users category are as follows:-


User Category

Maximum Fine Limit Per Book


Account Suspended Maximum Limit


 Maximum Fine Limit




Undergraduate Student 3.00 5.00 50.00 Not allowed to borrow library materials
2. Postgraduate Student 3.00 5.00 50.00
3. Academician 3.00 10.00 100.00
4. Professional 3.00 10.00 100.00
5. Supporting Staff 3.00 5.00 50.00
Lost/Damage Penalty Charges
Penalty charges in the event of library material being lost or damaged.
Description Penalty Charges
Lost/ damaged

Replacement of Material

User need to replace the material of the same title, author, edition, number in set/set, or the latest edition OR

Penalty Payment

Make a compensation payment for the amount of one-fold from the original purchased price as recorded by the library or the current price with an additional RM10.00 as a processing fee.

To request materials through this service, please fill in the online form below by campus.


PWB, Kampus Gong Badak - Click here!
PWB, Kampus Besut - Click here!
PWB, Kampus Perubatan - Click here!
Charge Number of Articles Charge Number of Articles


No charges for first 5 articles per year - Softcopy

  RM10.00  1 article/individual - softcopy

RM5.00 per article/individual

6 article onwards- Softcopy


RM0.20/per page



RM0.20/per page

Effective on 1st May 2018

The Interlibrary Loan service supports the research and educational needs of the UniSZA community by providing access to materials not held in PWB collections. Download Interlibrary Loan Form here.

Borrower's Responsibilities

  • Materials obtained through Interlibrary Loan are for the exclusive use of the individual submitting the request.
  • Borrowers are responsible for returnable materials from the time the materials are picked up until they are returned to the Circulation Counter. Any charge resulting from damage to materials or improperly returning materials is the responsibility of the user.
  • The individual borrower is responsible for any infringement of the Copyright Law regarding materials on loan from other libraries.


  • Interlibrary Loan services are available for faculty, staff, students and distance learning that are engaged in research and possess a library circulation account in good standing. Blocked or delinquent library records must be cleared for service.


  • There is usually no charge for borrowing returnable materials. If the lending institution charges for returnable materials, the ILL staff obtains the user's agreement to pay those charges before submitting the request.

Before Submitting a Request

  1. Check the NeuSEAL (Library Catalog). Before ordering, make certain PWB Library does not own the material you are requesting by searching the NeuSEAL. Interlibrary Loan does not order materials owned by the University Libraries. If the item is not on the shelf or in use by another user, contact the Circulation Counter regarding recalls, traces, and/or holds. If the Circulation Counter determines that the item will not be available in time to meet your needs, inform the ILL staff.
  2. Consult the Reference Desk. A librarian at the Reference Desk can assist you in determining if the material, or similar material, can be found locally or in electronic format.
  3. Requests are handled on days when Library is open. For holidays, view Library Hours.
  4. Materials that Usually Can Be Borrowed.
  • Materials not owned by the University Libraries
  • Books/monographs
  • Photocopies of journal articles, book chapters, and similar publications within copyright
  1. Materials that Usually Cannot Be Borrowed
  • Materials owned by the University Libraries
  • Reference, genealogy, reserve, archival, thesis, and special collections materials
  • Periodical issues or volumes, some proceedings, and technical reports
  • Textbooks, materials for class, reserve or group use
  • Maps, fragile, rare or valuable materials
  • Software and computer programs, audio-visual materials, film and microforms
  1. The Interlibrary Loan does not limit the number of requests an individual may submit per day. Depending on the total volume of requests, the ILL staff may be able to handle a limited number of requests from one user per day.

Completing a Request

  • Submit one request per item desired.
  • Submit accurate, complete citation information.
  • Citations should contain all available bibliographic information, including the complete title.
  • Ask a librarian at the Reference Desk to assist with title abbreviations.
  • Provide the citation source (where you found the citation) to assist in the verification process.
  • If found in printed material, note the title, volume, year, page number, and any other pertinent information about the source.
  • For citations from online databases, note the database name as well as keywords used in your search.
  • Provide the International Standard Serial Number (ISSN), International Standard Book Number (ISBN), or another identification number, if available.
  • When materials arrive, the ILL staff notify users by email or phone if necessary.

Reasons for Delays/Cancellations

  • The citation is incomplete or contains incorrect information.
  • The request has to go to many libraries before one supply the item.
  • No library is willing to supply the material.
  • The material is new or not yet published.
  • The material is in high demand.
  • The item is a textbook, especially if currently used by the University.
  • The material is rare, such as an archival collection, historical document, or dissertation with no circulating copy.
  • The material is published and primarily held in foreign countries.
  • The material is available at the University Libraries. In this case, the ILL staffs cancel the request and notifies the user. If the material is not on the shelf, the borrower may ask the Circulation Desk to initiate the trace/hold or recall/hold process. 

Length of the Borrowing Process

  • Readily available books usually arrive in the ILL Department within two weeks.
  • Readily available articles usually are delivered electronically shortly after receipt when the department is open.
  • It is sometimes a challenge to find an institution able and/or willing to lend a specific item.

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