Submission Guidelines

Garis Panduan Penerbitan Jurnal Ilmiah | Submission Guidelines

  1. Garis Panduan Penerbitan Jurnal Ilmiah Malaysia
  2. Indikator Jurnal Berkualiti 
  3. http://thinkchecksubmit.org that helps the researchers to identify trusted journals for publication. It contains a simple checklist researchers can use to assess the credentials of a journal or publisher.
  4. Are you suspicious of a journal's authenticity? Is it a predatory journalGet to the test (COPYRIGHT ULIÈGE LIBRARY 2019)
  5. Here are few useful guides regarding this issue on predatory journals:

6 ways to spot a Predatory Journal:

  1. Always check the website thoroughly
  2. Check if the journal is a member of DOAJCOPEOASPA or STM
  3. Check the journal’s contact information
  4. Research the editorial board
  5. Take a look at their peer review process and publication timelines
  6. Read through past issues of the journal

Choose a trustworthy journal for your research. Think. Check. Submit. Click Video Guide 

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